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Love for beauty, passion, creativity expressed in various forms of art, and openness to different cultures have always been the distinctive characteristics of my personality since I was a child. I think that -as I was born in Italy- maybe it runs in my blood because of the many peoples that over the centuries have left a rich, manifold cultural heritage merged into a unique blend giving shape to the Italian creative flair and good taste that have always characterized us and made us known all over the world. I like to think of my work as a container of myself. I am true to myself in everything I do. I believe that working means being, and being means always living and operating from the heart and soul. I entered into the fashion field at the age of eighteen, and worked as a model for about ten years. Hands-on experience, travels and accurate attention to detail allowed me to progressively develop a strong, personal style and taste that brought me to become an Art Show Director, a Producer, a Choreographer, and a Stylist for fashion and culture shows in Italy, the US and China. I moved from Italy to Beijing in 2011, and have been based in Los Angeles since 2019. My work -far from being stuck in the past- offers a fresh, constantly evolving perspective. I like to think out of the box, to break the mold, to create connections, to build new communication strategies through the union of different arts, styles, and cultural tastes. My professional contribution is not limited to the perfect performance of the show: first and foremost it begins by listening to and understanding the needs of the client. I am passionate about identifying the strongest characteristics of the style/brand/product to be promoted and I present it in an artistic, emotional show, resulting in captivating, seductive and unmistakable images. Emotional Marketing. “Michela Muratori - Nothing is stronger than a great passion”

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